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Don't you want to be a LOSER?

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By Joining the Loser Group, you'll gain access to:

  • 13 week guided weight-loss program

  • Weekly Zoom meetings 

  • Private Facebook Group full of supportive women!

  • Weekly weight-loss check in with Karen (via private text)

  • Nutrition & Exercise tips, and advice from Karen and the other members! 

Highly Recommended: Join Weight Watchers (WW) 3 Month Digital Program (Click Here for Separate Membership) and commit to regular exercise - all in unison to help achieve your weight loss goals! 

Questions? Reach out to Karen at

How It All Began...

During the pandemic, I decided to join Weight Watchers (WW) and was able to lose ten lbs. I was very pleased with the WW program and all it had to offer for digital support. Knowing firsthand how difficult it is to lose weight, I came up with the idea of reaching out to the ladies who were part of my Facebook Home Hustle exercise group and offer a 13-week program, (affectionately called Karen’s Loser Group!) of weekly group Zoom meetings, weekly reporting of weight loss via text and posts on the FB group page with recipe and product ideas. We also chatted about “all things” that ladies care about, clothes, shoes, hair and skin products, and much more! Also, the camaraderie formed between the Losers was amazing! It was so successful that I extended it for two more months and I am proud to say as a group of nearly 30 Loser ladies, we lost 333.9 lbs!! Since then, I have become a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) so that I can be even more helpful to the Loser Ladies. With the support from this program, you will have all the tools needed to help you reach your weight loss goal!

Don’t you want to be a LOSER too??



May 2021

The First Karen's Loser Group!

"Thanks to Karen and the Loser Group I feel stronger, leaner, and happier! Following the exercise program has been a gamechanger mentally and physically!  Karen is such a great leader and exercise and wellness coach!  If you are looking to do something for yourself, join Karen's Fit Plus!" - Celia O. 

"Karen's Loser Group was the best way to stay the course on my weight loss journey!  The group meetings were supportive and fun.  I was always learning something new!" - Georgene M.   

"I joined Karen's Loser Group on a whim.  I thought it would be fun, and it was! I never thought I would do as well as I did with the program.  I am 20 pounds down and learned so much from the other Losers!" - Tracy V. 

Before and After

My weight loss journey began in July 2020 with joining WW, exercising four times a week and participating in Karen's Loser Group. This combination enabled me to be healthier, and to feel & look stronger!

 I'm ready to help you be your best!!

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