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           About Me

I absolutely love what I do! 😊
I have been fortunate enough to have been leading fitness classes for over twenty-five years! I can remember being so nervous before teaching my very first class all those years ago (do you remember Richard Simmons Fitness Centers?). The feeling of my nervousness soon turned into my passion because I realized I loved what I was doing. Knowing that we all had similar fitness goals, to be healthy, strong and to have fun is where I wanted to be. Through the years I have had the opportunity to workout with so many wonderful women, however the most enjoyable time was during the Muscle Madness years. Those eight plus years I managed my own fitness business were the most rewarding because the ladies and I became very close as we all bonded through exercise and friendship, while creating lasting relationships. Fast forward six years - this is now my hope with Karen’s Fit Plus! I want to offer a welcoming atmosphere and camaraderie as we work together on our fitness goals. I am confident that these classes will actually make you look forward to exercising!

As featured in the Tewksbury Town Crier on 8/12/21

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Karen has a tendency to shout out some gems during class!

"It's not a pity party!"

...and I sing too!

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Formerly of Karen's Muscle Madness

I was also the previous owner of Karen’s Muscle Madness from 2007-2015. I remember those years fondly as I have many great memories of the classes, of the members, and of the many lasting friendships. I hope to recreate the same atmosphere of fitness, fun & camaraderie with Karen’s Fit Plus.

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